Have you ever heard of growing plants in a growbox? Probably not and you would like to ask what it means. Thanks to the article below, you will be able to figure out the situation without any problems and know what the growbox is and how it is constructed. Growbox is simply a room that allows you to grow plants that require proper and stable weather conditions. In small rooms, it is easier to provide factors such as the right temperature and moisture levels - and these aspects are crucial in plant development. The size of the room is very flexible - it is only conditioned by the plant you want to grow, as well as financial possibilities. The building, which is to be made in a professional and professional manner, should be characterized by the presence of specialist devices, such as sensors, for example, thanks to which it is possible to maintain proper climate conditions. GROWBOX CONSTRUCTION IN A FEW STEPS Even the most demanding plants can be grown indoors - provided they are built in the right way. However, to be able to enjoy the cultivation, first of all you need to think about how to build a growbox and what it should be in it so that plants grow without any problem at any stage of growth. The growing room can be as large as a small room, and in a minimal version - it should have the size of a larger cardboard box. There should be sensors in it to be able to measure temperature and humidity and to control them accurately. Adequate lighting should also be provided as enclosed spaces are characterized by a lack of access to sunlight. Then you have to invest in the right lamps, as well as in special foils that will prevent light from getting outside the room. It is also important to ensure proper air circulation, which is why you need to buy fans, so that the high temperature from the heated air will not persist for a long time, which would otherwise have a negative effect on plants. If the grower remembers these basic principles, he will be able to make a room that meets all the requirements of even the most demanding plants.


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     Wszystkie mierniki i monitory PH EC są produkowane przez znanych producentów i wykazały doskonałą jakość wykonania oraz niezawodną dokładność pomiaru w codziennym użytkowaniu w pomieszczeniach. Nasz asortyment mierników pH EC , konduktometrów  został opracowany z wielką starannością i jest przyjazny dla klienta.

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    W kategorii znajdą Państwo niezbędne płyny i perparaty do kalibrowania i czyszczenia  mierników, monitorów PH EC. pH metrów

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    Przy uprawie wewnątrz pomieszczenia temperatura, wilgotność poziom dwutlenku węgla w growboxie jest bardzo ważny. W kategorii znajdą Państwo urządzenia pomiarowe od podstawowych termometrów analogowych po laboratoryjne urządzenia pomiarowe. 

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