Ventilation and neutralization 

Why is ventilation important for growing in a growbox? Proper ventilation installation is extremely important for controlling temperature and humidity. Problems such as disease, poor growth, yields and pest control issues are related to the lack of control of these two factors. Ensuring a good supply of fresh air in indoor cultivation can be the difference between success and failure, and thus the need for an element of control. In addition to providing ventilation equipment, our growshop also has professional fan speed controllers in its range. When growing in a confined space, we recommend using both an exhaust fan and an inlet fan. The exhaust fan for the growbox removes moisture, warm air (high humidity) along with other by-products and helps supplement the growbox with carbon dioxide. The inlet fan should be at the opposite end of the rising exhaust fan to help control humidity and temperature, and to introduce carbon dioxide into the area. Professional ventilation in the cultivation tent only in our growhop. By making sure you have the right filter, fan and cable connection, you can save time, money and effort over the long term. Accurate room measurement is very important to ensure proper ventilation and its success in maintaining a functioning home garden

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