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    Rooting / germination 

    It is important to realize that 3 key aspects are needed for proper growth: ensuring the right amount of water, creating a warm and shady place, and patience, because plants can come to life at different times and not at the same pace. Self-cultivation of plants is an exciting activity that can pull you in without the rest. If you want to constantly improve and increase the area of ​​your home crops, it is worth starting with increasing the effectiveness of the germination process and ensuring proper rooting of young plants. Selected products from our growshop offer will help you with this, for example mineral cubes for hydroponics and germination we offer, special trays for sowing seeds, rooting preparations, electric tray heaters or efficient HPS lamps or Led Grow lamps for plant growth . All presented items are professional products, thanks to which cloning and rooting plants become a much easier and definitely more effective process. A well-rooted plant develops correctly, grows faster and is more lush, which guarantees the achievement of abundant crops. By choosing this type of products, you will complement your growbox with new features. Below you will find the necessary products:

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