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    Using professional reflective foils you can build your own growbox (of any height or width) or mount the foil on the wall. The growshop store offer includes only thick, completely lightproof reflective foils, which are used to build professional tents for growing plants in isolated conditions. You can use this type of foil to build a growing tent inside an apartment, in the garage or in the attic of your home. The films reflect large amounts of light, which allows you to save on Led Grow bulbs or CFL lamps, as well as on electricity bills. By using reflective and anti-detection films, you will be able to limit the number of bulbs needed to illuminate your crops. In our store's offer you will find films of various sizes and always above average durability. The reflective films presented are materials consisting of many layers, which facilitates their assembly and also affects their strength. When installing, you can use special insulation tapes to connect smaller pieces of foil into one coherent whole. Mainly Easy Grow foils and revolutionary self-adhesive foils like Venetian mirror or diamond self-adhesive foil. Check the offer now!

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