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Professional tents for plant breeding
Are you thinking about home-grown plants? Do you want to order a carefully made growing room? You've come to the right place! It doesn't matter if you grow plants amateur or professionally. In our online growshop you will find high-quality accessories that will help you comprehensively take care of your breeding at home. A grow box, i.e. a cultivation tent, will not only protect your plants against, but also help create ideal conditions for their proper growth.

We recommend growboxes of renowned brands such as Homebox, Secret Jardin, BudBox or Growlab, ROYALROOM, DiamondRoom, Airontek, Herbgarden, Growspec tents with white walls!
We are aware of the diverse needs of our customers, which is why in our proposal you will find growboxes of different sizes, so you will definitely choose a cultivation tent that will meet your requirements. In addition, we offer a wide range of accessories that will allow you to comprehensively equip your growbox. Our assortment includes, among others, bags for drying plants, nets for shaping and supporting plants, as well as boards for mounting equipment in the growbox.

Each growbox has been accurately photographed and described, which will certainly make your choice easier. However, if you have any questions about the offered tents - contact us - we will gladly advise you in choosing the right growbox. We offer not only cultivation tents, but also a wide range of accessories and equipment necessary for professional plant cultivation. Therefore, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our entire range. We guarantee competitive prices and fast and discreet shipping. Welcome!


  • Herbgarden

    Growboxesy tents for growing in silver and white opening upwards, version for beginner growers. A wide range of sizes from 35x35x90cm, 70x70x100cm to 240x120x200cm!

  • RoyalRoom

    Royal growboxes, solid thick walls. A wide range of royalroom tents. From the Classic, High to fireproof series. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the wide range of RoyalRoom tents!

  • Hydro Shoot

    Tents from 40x40 to 120x120 at the base.

  • BudBox

    Strong frames - 16 and 19mm.
    Metal corners above 150x300 and 200x200.
    Double stitched seams.
    Double cuff vents.
    20% oversized vents.
    Screened passive vents.
    Drip tray.
    Roof hanging bars.
    Main door clips.
    Clear floor space.
    Hanging straps provided.

  • Homebox

    HOMEbox® Product Lines represents the culmination of everything we know about growing plants indoors. Ever since we invented the original portable grow tent back in 2001 we haven’t stopped innovating and improving. The result are HOMEbox® Ambient and Vista – our most advanced portable grow tents to date. Quite simply, it forms the ideal space for growing plants indoors, unsurpassed by any other grow tent on the market.

  • Garden High PRO
  • Secret Jardin



    Because indoor culture is a difficult exercise, no details should be spared, Secret Jardin design and make hydroponic tents of high professional quality, that guarantee large harvest.

    Unthreadable, solid with strong optimised shape and structure, our tents allow you to grow many different type of plants at home. Temperature, lighting, humidity, ventilation, everything has been thought of to give your young plants the best condition to have the perfect growth.

  • Mammoth

    The highest quality, lightweight Mammoth growbox tents, covered with a highly reflective silver coating that significantly increases the intensity of light from the inside.


    Accessories for retrofitting growboxes, such as flexible nets, angles, brackets, additional floors and many other useful elements that improve your comfort of using a growing tent.

  • Growing shelves

    The right shelving solution can increase the efficiency of your grow room. Growing on multiple levels will not only allow you to increase the number of plants you can grow simultaneously, but also growing on mobile stands will help you improve your operation and keep the space clean. Take a look at the shelves at

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