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    Growbox growing sets 

    In this category you will find cultivation sets in both larger and smaller versions. The sets mainly consist of tents (growboxes), ventilation adapted to the surface of the growbox, and lighting of various types, among others: HPS lamps, LED lighting, compact fluorescent lamps and other lighting used for growing plants. Cultivation sets can be freely modified. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer. Complete sets for growing plants growbox sizes: AVAILABLE SIZES OF GROWBOX TENTS FOR CULTIVATION: 30x30cm 40x40cm 50x50cm 60x60cm 35x35cm 80x80cm 100x100cm 120x120cm, 240x120cm, 240x240cm, 200x200cm, 100x200cm, 300x300cm and many others, check also the category if you want to buy the same tent for growing


    • Mini

      Sets for growing plants with a small growing area, typically hobby, small tents are perfect for cloning plants. The sets include mini growboxes, propagators etc.

    • Medium

      Plant growing sets medium sizes, designed for professionals, LED lighting, CFL and HPS bulbs or TCL light are included in the individual sets.

    • Max

      Complete crop sets of large sizes. Tents, pavilions and large size growboxes. Matched lighting and ventilation. Crop sets ready for action.

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