FERTILIZATION IS MORE THAN YOU THINK. For any experienced grower, it is obvious that cultivated plants need a constant supply of essential nutrients through the use of fertilizers. Sometimes it is so that these ingredients are lacking and this situation can create problems - even when breeding is free from any diseases, and also tolerates unstable weather conditions. There are specialized preparations on the market that can make up for the lack of nutrients in the medium - they are targeted at both breeders who deal with crops on a massive scale, as well as those who are luminescent at home lum on the plot. Those who are just starting breeding may feel simply lost, because the range is really wide and extensive. The richness of the offer can mean that beginners can have problems with the right choice of the right offer. However, it should be remembered that as part of appropriate assistance, the packaging contains information on the usefulness of a given preparation, its exact application, and dosage.

HOW TO CORRECT PLANTS CORRECTLY There are often cases in which breeders do not comply with the information on the dosage of individual preparations and often overdo the doses. Then, too many specifics can do harm to the plant, instead of helping. It may turn out that instead of supporting the process of growing or ripening crops, the plant, by unskillful help, will simply destroy itself. Therefore, you should pay special attention to choose the right preparation that will be best for your breeding, read carefully the information on dosage and follow these tips. Thanks to this action, our plants will grow properly and receive the proper help they need. We are a distributor of such brands as canna, advanced nutrients, biobbizz, hesi, atami, growth technology, feeding powder, biogreen, aptus, advanced hydroponics of holland, GHE and many more!



    We present the range of biological products of Agrobacterias, ideal for your herb plants! This assortment of 100% natural products consists of fungicides such as Amanitha to fight Oídio and Botrytis, but also with biostimulators such as Muskaria, which allow plants to recover after a period of stress and total breakdown of the plant's immune system. Agrabacterias also proposes beneficial bacteria for cannabis cultivation, such as BactoHemp and BactoBloom, Bactomatic booster and fertilizer for fast-flowering plants, so-called autoflowering, which provide all the necessary elements for a healthy crop and lush crop. Welcome!

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    In 1993, Jay Jackson, founder and current director of Advanced Hydroponics in the Netherlands, decided to find an alternative to the fertilizers available at the time, which he and many other growers used. Jay was looking for a formula that would combine: ease of use, high performance and competitive prices. To get the solution, Jay went to experts at the "Dutch Flower Seed Research Center" in the Dutch city of Aalsmeer. To make use as simple as possible, it was necessary to present the ingredients in a way that allows easy mixing, so that any grower can easily adjust the volumes of the most necessary nutrients according to their needs. That's how Dutch Formula was born!

    It is a liquid fertilizer consisting of three components that should be mixed in an easy ratio: 2: 1: 1 during the growing season, 1: 2: 1 in the period before flowering, and finally 0: 3: 1 in the full bloom period. At the beginning, fertilizers were tested by Jay along with many other breeders. The results were EXCEPTIONAL! These results were not possible with former fertilizers. After improvement, a retail store was launched. In 1996, the Dutch formula was presented at a trade fair in Germany, and the highest quality Dutch fertilizers Formula together with the growing demand led to the start of wholesale operations throughout Europe.The Dutch Formula line was soon expanded by 100% of the entire natural "Natural Power" line, which contained "Root Stimulator", an enzyme supplement called "Enzymes", a GrowthBloom Stimulator called "Excellerator", and finally a ripening product called "Natural Power" ". The final. "After" Natural Power ", the popular" Aqua "system reached the line of wholesalers and distributors. Currently, more than 60 distributors in 22 countries around the world (including Russia and Japan) provide Advanced Hydroponics of Holland products, and the number of distributors and stores retail is still growing.

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  • Atami
  • Plant Success (mikoryza)

    Plant Success mikoryza przeznaczona do ogrodnictwa wewnątrz i na zewnątrz. W przyrodzie grzyby mikoryzowe tworzą związek symbiotyczny z ponad 90% roślin na świecie, więc najprawdopodobniej rośliny w twoim ogrodzie odniosą korzyść. Grzyby, po zastosowaniu, kiełkują i stają się przedłużeniem systemu korzeniowego. Mikoryza zwiększa uwalnianie wcześniej niedostępnych składników odżywczych i wody. Grzyby te są niezwykle wrażliwe i potrzebują przetrwać rośliny żywicielskie. Jeśli Twoja gleba była uprawiana, ubita, oczyszczona z roślinności lub spryskana ostrymi substancjami chemicznymi, mogłaby skorzystać z wprowadzenia korzystnych mikroorganizmów za pomocą modyfikatora mikoryzowego. Plant Success mikoryza  mikoryzowe ekstrakty zawierają nie tylko grzyby mikoryzowe, ale także pożyteczne bakterie glebowe i pokarmy, takie jak wodorosty i kwasy huminowe, które wspierają bogatą i zróżnicowaną społeczność drobnoustrojów glebowych.

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    Firma została założona w 2008 roku i jest dumnym producentem i dystrybutorem marki Cyco Platinum Series. Wizją jest dostarczanie specjalistom z rynku i najnowocześniejszej gamy składników odżywczych i dodatków hydroponicznych dla przemysłu hydroponicznego. Pakiet najnowszych technologii  tylko najlepsze składniki naszych produktów. 

    Sztandarowe produkty jak ; Swell, Rush, Rizopower, uptake, Silica !

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    Woma 1-2-3 nutrition line

    The revolutionary nutrition line for quality, concentrate and user friendliness

    Our nutrition line is the result of years of testing of different nutrients, which guarantees a healthy crop. Due to our quality checks, the high concentrate and the ease of use, you'll have all the  nutrients you'll need to get a great result!

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