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Big Bud 0,5L flowering stimulator


Big Bud 0,5L flowering stimulator

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    70,00 zł (tax incl.)

    Advanced Nutrients spent many years researching and describing numerous plants. Our knowledge, passion and love for this work have resulted in the form of this amazing product. Big Bud has been widely researched, developed and tested. It is the only one of its kind on the market. During the tests it proved to be definitely better than competing products. It owes this to the characteristic proportions of phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and amino acids. Its use leads to dramatic volume and mass increments that no other flower accelerator can provide. Guaranteed quality or refund.

    Increase the size of the budsthanks to L - tryptophan, L - cysteine, L - glutamine and L - asparagine to obtain the greatest evolution of the highest flowering power. Just as bodybuilders have to take extra amino acids after training to provide the body with a supply of protein - the basic building material - your buds also need a large amino acid injection. If you give them such an injection using Big Bud fluid, they will gain size, weight and strength thanks to the rich mix of bioavailable L amino acids contained in the composition. Of course, your plants will receive optimal amounts of phosphorus and potassium to promote luxuriant flowering, but beyond this precisely metered dose of PK, they will get a wide spectrum of additional metabolites, which will allow them to use less time and energy to produce their own amino acids. In return, plants will be able to devote all this energy to the construction of larger and heavier buds - directly! In addition, the addition of L-ascorbic acid promotes the highest yields of crops, while protecting them as a significant antioxidant. 


    Add 5 ml per liter of the solution. The EC will increase by about 0.4

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