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Advanced Nutrients Piranha 250ml

  • Piranha contains strong endo and ectomicory fungi that cause root growth, maintaining a healthy balance in the root zone and increasing biomass rich in essential oils.
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    Advanced Nutrients PIRANHA 

    When you introduce potent acting fungi contained in Piranha Liquid into the root zone, you will gain many amazing benefits. Piranha contains strong endo- and ectomycorrhizal fungi that cause root growth, maintain a healthy balance in the root zone and increase the biomass rich in essential oils. In the first place, mushrooms help to increase the effective surface area of ​​plants and their total length by up to 75%. Scientific research has shown that thanks to this crops can obtain as much as 86% more nitrogen, 234% more phosphorus and 75% more potassium than in the case of crops without the participation of these fungi. This, of course, directly translates into increased vegetative growth, larger leaf area, more bud production, better flower structure and increased weight! What''s more, these mushrooms secrete growth and flowering co-factors directly into plants, further increasing yields. The mushroom species used in Piranha Liquid are proven biological control agents that seek out and destroy harmful pathogens, including molds, by enhancing crop resistance to stress. Try Piranha Liquid - and because our Grower Guarantee guarantees you 100% satisfaction or a refund, starting using it in your garden today, you can only gain.


    Root zone: 
    Add 0.3 g per liter of solution. Spraying: Add 2 g per liter of pure water. Apply once a week. (1 teaspoon = 7 grams) Contains: 3% ... Humic Acid (from leonardite)

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