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Ancient Earth 1L Advanced Nutrients


- increases the plant's ability to absorb valuable microelements that drive plants to their optimal performance.

- high grade potassium mixed with humic acids to maximize the absorption of microelements by plants.

- continuous fluid flow (aeroponics, drip irrigation and radiators, NFT) has been developed.

Dosage: Use 2ml / L for 7 weeks

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    obtained naturally from a rare source, an ancient organic material called leonardite, strengthens your hydroponic garden with "fabric" and "nectar" of the earth. It is the first supplement on the hydroponics market developed based on fulvic and humic acids, which provides the best in these two worlds. This hybrid product contains both long-chain humic acids and short-chain "golden" fulvic acid. Each of these ingredients has a separate function, but both smoothly and synergistically work together to provide maximum benefits for the health and performance of your plants. First, the long-chain humic acids contained in Ancient Earth transform the growing medium into a richer, healthier and lively growing foundation for crops, strengthening and increasing plant roots. They also stabilize the pH and optimize the delivery of nutrients. And when fulvic acid, a kind of natural chelating agent, gets to the roots, it also helps transport nutrients inside the plant. Ancient Earth supports plants in the fight against diseases, drought and other forms of environmental stress.

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