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MICRO BLOOM GROW 3x1L set with pH perfect formula


Grow Bloom Micro PH PERFECT !!

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    For best results, we recommend using a whole series of fertilizers together - Grow, Micro and Bloom.

    Grow, Micro and Bloom are the base nutrients for growers accustomed to using a three-part plant nutrition regimen.
    Advanced Nutrients™ has the most developed full three-part nutrient formula in a package available to growers.

    Grow, Micro, and Bloom as nutrients contain additional valuable elements that will increase the efficiency of each type of garden and include:

    1. F-1 (fulvates)
    2. H-2 (humus substances)
    3. Amino acids
    4. Wet Betty (non-ioic surfactants)

    The combination of pH Perfect™ Technology allows for simpler addition of the solution, and maintaining an adequate level of chelation in a balanced indicator of nutrients, providing plants with unlimited access to the highest quality vitamins and minerals.

    Growers using pH Perfect™ Technology will not have to worry about the pH in the solution they use as a nutrient for plants, as the new formula is able to adjust the pH automatically to optimal indicators. Combining optimal pH levels with innovative chelation processes, it leads growers to a whole new standard of cultivation.

    In fact, the chelating technology used is so effective that nutrients remain available to plants under conditions that are not normally conducive to flowering plants. Breeders will not have to worry about this, because the patterns that maintain the pH are available in the optimal range at all times.

    The full pack of Grow, Micro, and Bloom contains all three components of our advanced three-phase nutrition program. Combined, Grow, Micro and Bloom create an excellent hydro fertilizer that provides optimal nutrition. If you want to achieve rapid growth, high yields, and amazing products, choose Grow, Micro, and Bloom.

    Healthy plants and the fastest possible growth.
    Pharmaceutical nutritional precursors.
    More micronutrients than other manufacturers.
    Absorption of nutrients with a wider pH spectrum.
    A concentrated, cheaper pattern.
    Easy to use.

    Using the three-phase nutrition program Grow, Micro, and Bloom is very easy. We suggest using a 1:1:1:1 mixing solution, but please do not be discouraged from using the formula in a ratio of 1:2:3 or 3:2:1, which may be suitable for old school growers. This is one of the many aspects of this large three-part system - it is flexible and can be adapted to individual needs and preferences. When using Grow, Micro, and Bloom, you must add Micro to the tank one by one, then Grow and finally Bloom.

    With "pH PERFECT" technologyyou will never have to worry aboutthe pH level in your garden again!


    4ml/L water

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