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Advanced Nutrients Tarantula 130g stimulator

  • Liquid Tarantula of Advanced Nutrients it is a mixture of symbiotic microorganisms and beneficial for the roots. Tarantula is composed of 57 different species of micro-organisms, it is the most concentrated on the market
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    239,00 zł (tax incl.)


    Gardeners who prefer natural methods can use Tarantula, a cult nutrient in the world. This product is groundbreaking because it contains 57 microorganisms useful for plants, the highest concentration in the world. They create a kind of symbiosis with the root system, increase resistance to stress.

    Suitable for all types of crops and all plants, especially those valuable, it is easy to administer. It works so well that we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee, including the possibility of a refund. It will be absolutely satisfied, achieving world-class results.


    Root zone:

    Add 0.3 g per liter of solution.

    Spraying :

    Add 2 g per liter of pure water. Apply once a week.

    (1 teaspoon = 7 grams)

    It contains :

    3% ... Humic Acid (from leonardite)

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