Advanced Nutrients CONNOISSEUR GROW 500ml x2 A+B


Top-notch two-component fertilizer for the growth phase. Professional breeders all over the world literally enjoy the advantages of Connoisseur – our new two-component fertilizer for the growth phase; comprehensive, top-notch, best-of-all collections.

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    Advanced Nutrients CONNOISSEUR GROW - a two-component fertilizer for the growth phase

    If you are a top-class fancier, valued by both customers and friends, and have the maximum potential of your current fertilizer program - and if you still want to get even more harvest after all these successes - pH Perfect® Connoisseur Grow is the perfect product for you . We did not spare the costs to obtain the best-performing, strong ingredients that will ensure that your crops achieve the highest possible yield in the growth phase. All major and additional nutrients and micronutrients of this flagship recipe are fully or partially chelated to ensure optimal absorption. If that was not enough, you can always get rid of pH meters and pH meters. The pH Perfect® Technology automatically maintains the pH at the optimum level of each week of the growth phase. Bottom line: If you have the right skills, pH Perfect Connoisseur Grow will enable your plants to reach their full genetic potential.

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