Led grow Growspec Agrispec 650W Full Spectrum Dual

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    Modular, scalable precision AgriSpec is a full cycle spectrum optimized for fast plant growth and full development. And its dimming function, which is able to provide plants with the optimal light intensity at every stage of growth in the indoor environment. The special full spectrum GrowSpec for plants enables growers to achieve their cultivation goals all year round. AgriSpec is a high-performance, full-cycle overhead lighting solution for commercial horticulture with the ability to scale the light intensity from vegetative growth to flowering. It is designed for commercial growers to challenge high PPFD cultivation practices along with sophisticated CO2 supplementation. PARAMETERS: Size: 110cm x 110cm Light distribution angle: 120 ° Power consumption: 650W High efficiency (2.65 μmol s-1 per watt) 0-10V / PMW dimmable Reduced HVAC demand (30-40% less) 5-year warranty IP65 certificate Complete luminaire with no other additional accessories needed

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    Led grow Growspec Agrispec 650W Full Spectrum Dual

    Led grow Growspec Agrispec 650W Full Spectrum Dual

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