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Hesi super Vit 100ml


- Plant stimulator supporting growth and flowering: SOIL, HYDRO, COCONUT

-Super Vit contains 25 vital ingredients that stimulate the plant and are a source of strength and energy for it.

-Stimulates the production of growth and flowering hormones in plants. The result is rapid growth and abundant flower production.

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    SuperVit is a bio-stimulant for plants that can do extraordinary things with just a few drops. It is magical how it can improve the energy level of plants, strengthens vitality and resistance to inhibiting factors. SuperVit improves the absorption and processing of nutrients from the soil. It provides the plant with important components for metabolism. The ready-made building blocks in SuperVit allow the plant to skip certain steps of its internal metabolism. This saves time and energy. The saved energy and time can be used for better development. The vital substances are also growth promoters for the microorganisms in the substrate. This creates strong networks between the plant, the substrate and the microorganisms in it.
    Special Features: 
    • Highly concentrated 
    • Effective for all plants 
    • Excellent for all methods of cultivation
    • At every watering or spraying
    • 1 drop for 0 up to 4,5 L of water and 2 drops from 4,5 up to 9 L
    • 1 ml / up to 65 litres water

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