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Hydroponic System GHE Aqua farm 3.0 45L + Solar panel



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    570,00 zł (tax excl.)
    570,00 zł (tax incl.)

    COMPLETE hydro system. expandable

    dimensions: 47 x 47 x h43 cm.
    pot capacity: approx. 25 liters of cerium granules.
    tank capacity: about 45 liters of water / solution
    material with a barrier against algae
    aeration and distribution system
    Solar powered with the included photovoltaic cell
    Rotomoulded in France from super tough and durable recycled plastic.
    UV and light protection for root protection.
    Versatile, flexible and expandable.
    Very low electricity consumption: less than 2W

    Solar panel:
    - 5W
    - 7.68V
    - 651mA,
    - IP44

    Air pump:
    - DC 8V
    - capacity 2 liters / min
    - max pressure> 450mmHg
    - IP44

    Aquafarm Ver. Hydroponic system. 3.0 45L
    Easy-to-use hydroponics for beginners and professionals.

    Invented over 30 years ago in California by GH USA founder Lawrence Brooke, and now our best-selling home hydroponic system. The Aquafarm® version and the smaller Waterfarm format have grown hundreds of thousands of healthy, happy and often huge plants around the world.

    Waterfarm and Aquafarm® owe their longevity and success to a combination of efficiency and ease of use. Aquafarms® and Waterfarms® can be quickly positioned in any space, from greenhouses to kitchens and balconies, for the cultivation of ornamental and culinary plants of all sizes, from basil and other herbs to small trees.

    Both systems work by using air to suck nutrient up from the tank and drain it back through the clay soil and roots. This simple, reliable design is extremely effective at providing plants with a perfectly oxygenated nutrient solution - exactly what is needed for optimal growth and flowering. The two-piece design allows easy access to the reservoir and roots, which can be difficult or impossible in many systems.

    Plants are grown in a container filled with ceramic granules. The container is suspended above a container filled with water along with fertilizers (the so-called nutrient solution). The air pump directs the solution upwards, where the nutrient is delivered directly to the substrate - the ceramic granules.

    This pump oxygenates the nutrient solution and constantly bathes the roots, stimulating the plant to grow more efficiently.

    EXPANSION: a series of these modules (Water, Aqua or Aero-Farm) can be combined with a Controller (available on request) that automatically supplies the nutrient solution to all modules. The controller allows the connection of 4-10 modules.

    How to use Aquafarm?
    Follow the instructions. To properly configure the system, you need to add nutrient solution and washed ceramic granules. Then install plants from e.g. a hydroponic propagator. Now all that's left is to cultivate!


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