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B-52 500 ml | Fertilizer Booster 2-1-4


B-52 500 ml | Fertilizer Booster 2-1-4

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    B-52is a powerful proprietary blend of six different B vitamins and amino acid-rich extract of marine algae, humic acids, fulvic acid and a number of stimulating nutrients that will make your plants grow lushly. B‐52 is a plant strengthening agent. B‐52 provides additional strength and stiffness to stems and branches. It is well known that plants are able to "sense" what mass buds they produce can achieve based on the strength of stems and branches. B‐52 makes plants function at the highest efficiency, keeping growth at a fast and healthy level thanks to a differentiated dose of B vitamins.

    B-52 stimulates the overall metabolism of plants, promotes the development of strong roots, stimulates growth and helps crops fight the influence of stress factors such as intense light, cold water, ozone, drought and salinity.

    The entire internal system of sustaining the life of plants is strengthened by the holistic benefits of this vitamin recipe with a strong action, which guarantees the functioning of plants with the highest efficiency and growing in the greatest health and strength. Don't settle for other recipes with just one or two B vitamins.

    Content (guaranteed):

    Nitrogen (N): 2.0%

    Water-soluble organic nitrogen: 1.5%

    Nitrogen from nitrates: 0.5%

    Phosphorus: 1.0%

    Potassium: 4.0%


    5.0%: Vitamin B-1 (Thiamine Hydrochloride)

    0.5%: Humic Acid/Humic Acid


    Do not swallow. Keep out of reach of children.




    Domestic and garden plants (soil and mixtures): 1-2 ml/1 l of water or fertiliser solution. Use once a week.

    Hydroponics: 1-2 ml/1 l into the tank. Use each time.

    Spraying: 2-5 ml/1 l. Use every 2 weeks.

    Replanting and rooting:

    3 ml/1 l. When transplanting, soak the roots for 10-15 minutes. At rooting, add to the rooting agent.

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